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Joe Naiser


Master Craftsman

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In 1981 Joe Naiser Graduated with an A+ average from Campbell County Carpentry School and won the State Championship in Carpentry that year.  With the record high interest rates in 1981 there was very little new construction of homes, so out of necessity and because his parents were avid antique collectors, he started restoring furniture in his spare time.  He seemed to have a natural talent for woodworking and had captured several woodworking and metalworking awards aside from his state championship title.  Soon the word spread and he got so busy doing restoration work he quit his other jobs to do restoration work full time.  In over 28 years he and his assistants have restored over 9,000 pieces of furniture.  Never sacrificing quality even if it meant losing money on the job.  They have the best customer satisfaction rate of any restorer in the greater Cincinnati area. 

They are not always the cheapest, but they are the BEST.  Just ask their customers.  They provide references to all their clients.  They have probably restored pieces for people you know.  They have over 3,000 clients in the greater Cincinnati area.

Their fully insured facility is monitored 24 hours a day to provide a safe home away from home for your prized possessions during restoration.



Naiser Furniture Restorations

507 McKinney St.

Dayton, KY 41074




email: joe@woodfixed.com

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